Erik Stangvik

Erik Stangvik has defined himself over the past many decades as one of the most powerful social entrepreneurs in the world.


Erik Stangvik has served on numerous boards throughout his career, including The Stanford Shopping Center, The Body Shop, and Hands That Shape Humanity. These efforts have provided him with invaluable expertise, which has informed how he has assisted individuals, families, and small businesses around the world while also allowing him to make a significant effect locally.

Erik Stangvik enjoys spending time with his family and traveling the world when he is not working on any of the several projects listed above. "Dad" is his favorite word, and he treasures the experiences he's had as a father. He also believes that traversing the world is beneficial since it allows people to learn about diverse cultures. They can observe how different people live, learn about diverse viewpoints, and learn about various issues about which they may get enthusiastic. Erik Stangvik has become one of the most prolific social entrepreneurs as a result of his experiences, and he has served as a powerful guide to countless people who want to follow in his footsteps.